ACCESS 2.0 Testing for EL Students
The ACCESS for ELLs is an online English language proficiency assessment based on the Minnesota Standards for English Language Development, developed by the WIDA Consortium. There are four language domains assessed by the ACCESS for ELLs: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

For the ACCESS 2.0 test, the Listening and Reading tests must be administered and completed first to correctly level the student for proper tier placement.

New for 2018:
  • Parents opting their child out of statewide testing must provided with Parent Guide to Statewide Testing and complete the Refusal for Student Participation form:

  • The attemptedness criteria for the online ACCESS Speaking domain have been updated: the record button must be clicked for at least one scored item.
  • The not complete (NC) and not attempted (NA) score code definitions for MCA have been updated. Students who responded to one or more items but fewer than 90 percent are considered to have attempted the test and will receive the NC score code; student who do not respond to any items receive an NA score code.

  • All EL teachers involved in ACCESS testing must complete the training modules in the Pearson Training Management System as well as those in WIDA. See below for the Pearson link.

2018 Test Administration Manual:

2018 Accommodation Supplement - Contains accommodation descriptions and required forms:

Prior to Testing:

Complete the security modules in the Pearson TMS. Select "Other Staff" and then "ACCESS Course Administrations" on the left toolbar.

Complete all training on the WIDA site. Click here and complete the training checklist for ACCESS 2.0 and Kindergarten if applicable.

Testing Day:
Please print and use the following scripts when administering domain tests to students.

How to Print Student Test Tickets:

How to Print Tier Reports:

Chromebook Directions:
Click below for Chromebook directions for teachers.