Mandatory Pretest Video for Students (Length: 4 minutes)
MDE requires mandatory viewing of this video by all students prior to taking an MCA test.

Start of Test Video

The file below contains the script that all test proctors must use during each testing session. Please print as needed. A copy must be available in testing rooms at all times.

Student Tutorials (How to use the online testing features)
Grade 10 Reading
Grade 11 Math
Grade 10 Science

High School Item Samplers (Practice Tests)

Grade 10 Reading

Grade 11 Math

HS Science

MDE Proctor Guidelines and Requirements

All staff involved with OLPA and MCA testing must complete the online training modules to comply with MDE policies. All training is now tracked electronically by user through the Pearson Training Management System (TMS). Please click the link below to begin your training. Choose the Test Monitor tab if you will be proctoring a test and/or creating and managing test sessions.

Pearson Training Management System

Be sure to choose the CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE TRAINING link in the upper left corner after you have completed your training video. By completing this step, the system will mark that module as complete in your account. Only modules are marked as complete, items marked as training will not be marked as complete.
All staff who administer any state tests must have a signed Assurance of Test Security and Non-Disclosure Agreement (ATSNDA) on file with the district. The Minnesota Department of Education requires a new ATSNDA annually, and all signed copies must be retained in the district for 2 years. This document can be signed electronically through the Test Management System above, or on the paper version in the link below. Please turn your signed copy in to your School Test Coordinator.