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MTAS Mandatory Training

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MTAS scores for each subject and student must be entered by the district into the MTAS Score Entry tab on PearsonAccess during the testing window. The entry of student MTAS scores into PearsonAccess is how student responses are recorded and scored in order to report student results.

Before the MTAS scores can be entered, the student’s Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI) must be entered and submitted. The LCI is a research tool developed by the National Alternate Assessment Center (NAAC). The purpose of the LCI is to better understand the learning characteristics of students participating in alternate assessments based on alternate achievement standards. It is an instrument that helps Minnesota answer validity questions and extends our knowledge of the assessment population to ensure that the test is designed appropriately for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities; it also ensures that the intended population is participating in the test.

MTAS LCI - Complete Before Testing

MTAS Data Collection Form:

MTAS Score Data Entry Directions:

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Scripted (Paper Pencil) MCA Teacher Directions - Click Here

MCA Paper Pencil Data Entry Directions

Item Samplers for Accommodated MCA and MTAS


Student Tools
MCA Accommodated

Text to Speech Item Samplers:

Grade 3 Math ATTS
Grade 4 Math ATTS
Grade 5 Math ATTS
Grade 6 Math ATTS
Grade 7 Math ATTS
Grade 8 Math ATTS
Grade 11 Math ATTS

Item Samplers

Accommodation Codes Table